Friday, March 14, 2014

Food Friday: Birthday Hamantaschen!

It's my birthday! Since I work Sunday-Thursday, I get to have a super-chill day. I woke up late--The Kid kindly let me sleep until 7:30--spent some time in the kitchen, went to the local diner for birthday pancakes, and now I'm chilling out watching An Idiot Abroad while The Kid sleeps on the couch.

(This child, who hasn't napped for four days, insisted for 45 minutes that he wasn't sleepy while I insisted he just spend some rest time in his room so I could take a shower. After 45 minutes, I let him come out to hang with me in the living room, and he promptly fell asleep on the couch. I'm letting him be.)

Tonight, we'll carry on our grand birthday tradition: I got to ask Jake to cook me anything I want for my birthday, and I'm getting flank steak, broccoli rabe, and three-cheese polenta. He and The Kid baked me a cake last night, and I can. not. wait to chow down!

This weekend is also Purim, and since baking is one of my favorite things to do with The Kid, we made hamantaschen this morning: apricot, blueberry, and Nutella. Here's my Mini Chef putting the ingredients together for the apricot filling:

Don't worry, the oven's not on.

I'm not going to duplicate the hamantaschen recipe here, because I hardly deviated at all from The Shiksa's wonderful procedure (other than the Mini Chef helping me measure, stir, dump, and knead, then leaving me to fill and fold).


The Kid dressed up as a chef for yesterday's Purim Parade at his school (natch), and we decided that in order to make his costume more holiday-appropriate, we'd make some paper hamantaschen to put in his pocket. "Recipe" for paper hamantaschen (a cute and easy holiday craft) after the jump!

Paper Hamantaschen

Brown construction paper
Colored construction paper for the "filling"
Glue or glue stick

Cut circles from the brown construction paper with about a 3-inch diameter. Cut circles from the other construction paper with about a 2-inch diameter. (We used black paper for poppyseed filling, red paper for raspberry filling, and orange paper for apricot filling.)

Glue each "filling" to the center of the "dough." Chef hat and oven mitt are optional.

Put a line of glue on the left side of the dough circle. Fold it over. Put a line of glue on the right side of the dough circle. Fold it over to make a point. Put a line of glue on the bottom of the dough circle. Fold it over to make a triangle shape. If you want to get fancy, you can make a pinwheel shape, like a real hamantasch. (No pinching required!)

Enjoy! (By looking at them, pretending to eat them, and using them in your play kitchen, of course.)

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