Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Year, New Blog

Back in December, when my family announced that we were moving to Missouri, I got an (awesome) idea for a new blog: MoCo to CoMo--Montgomery County, MD to Columbia, MO. So cute, right? I'd chronicle the preparation for our move, finding a house, moving, and transitioning from being a Mid-Atlantic full-time employed person, to the world of being a Midwestern freelancer.

But it turns out the blank computer screen is super-intimidating, especially after having been out of the blogging game for several months. And so I waited. And waited. And...

...We decided to move to Michigan for two years before settling down in Missouri!

I decided that now that I'd be chronicling two moves, two new communities, two new worlds, it was time to actually get back on the blog wagon. And of course, I'll still be writing about theatre, food, drinks, and the family. I'm super-excited about this prospect. And I hope you're excited to come on the journey with me.

Welcome to Mamaturg on the Move.

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